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World-Gen’s 25th Anniversary cover was designed as a collection of its headlines spanning the decades. World-Gen was launched by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1988 and acquired by the Flanagan Group in a leveraged buyout from GE Capital in 1991.

The deregulation of electricity spawned a number of new opportunities turning IPP’s into utilities and utilities into IPP’s. World-Gen editors have been reporting on the transition by covering all power generation – fossil, nuclear, renewables, transmission, distribution technologies, both at home and abroad. Our reporting has resulted in over twenty exclusive assignments around the world. Scottish Development International invited World-Gen to report on the Scottish government’s commitment to develop 100 percent of its electricity from renewables by 2020. Look for coverage in the May/June issue and online.

We are pleased and proud to present our 25th Anniversary Issue written by the Classes of 2000 alums and other industry executives who continue our dialogue, both in print and online.

Ralph Genesi, Class of 2003, envisions the power company of the future. (page 4).

Bob Yeager, Class of 2008, calls for increased collaboration on common goals. (page 5).

Tom Kuhn, Class of 2005, writes on utilities restoring power after Sandy. (page 6).

Barry Worthington, Class of 2011, assesses the buzz around a National Energy Plan. (page 7).

Fred Lyon, Class of 2003, files a report on the 2013 meaning of EPC. (page10).

Lyn Corum, Class of 2003, comments on California’s restructuring law. (page 11).

Elliot Roseman, Class of 2001, with Himamshu Jain analyzes FERC Order 1000. (pages 12, 13).

Jerry Robinson, Class of 2011, shares lessons learned in the hiring process. (page 14).

Jean-Louis Poirier, Class of 2000, reviews recent power trends. (page 15).

Tim Curran, Class of 2007, sees a pooling of resources ahead. (page 16).

Jim Schretter, Class of 2002, retraces the steps leading to the future. (page 17).

Five story lines Dennis Murphy wants told proactively. (page 20).

Dr. Jeffrey Reidenauer of URS navigates the offshore wind regulatory waters. (page 21).

Alfa-Laval’s John Atanasio balances environmental requirements. (page 21).

World-Gen is the only publication offering “Breaking News” 24/7 from two news organizations, Business Wire and PR Newswire. DOE and MIT News and the Bueche Directory of Developers.

Advertisers receive a linked banner ad to go with their displays tracked on the site.

World-Gen is a media sponsor at six industry conventions guaranteeing bonus distribution.

I hope as you read the cover headlines, fond memories of people met, of places visited will remind you of how lucky and blessed we are to be working in an industry that makes a difference daily. Thank you for making this possible.


February/March, 2013
Closing – March 15th

May/June, 2013
POWER-GEN EUROPE (PGE) June 4 - 6, Vienna
EDISON ELECTRIC INSTITUTE (EEI) June 9 - 12, San Francisco
INTERSOLAR NA 2013 July 9 - 11, San Francisco
Closing – May 1st

August/September, 2013
WORLD ENERGY CONGRESS (WEC) October 13-17, Daegu, Korea
Closing – September 3rd

October/November, 2013
POWER-GEN INTERNATIONAL (PGI) November 12-14, Orlando
Closing – October 15th

Bonus circulation is guaranteed at above conventions.

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