class of 2015

Class of 2015

It’s a pleasure to introduce World-Gen’s Class of 2015, the 16th Class of the Millennium. The Class of 2015 tells us where the energy markets are heading.

Rich Voorberg of Siemens tells us on page 4 that the recent acquisition of the Rolls-Royce energy division and the pending acquisition of Dresser-Rand will significantly strengthen siemens’ position in distributed generation.

The way Southern produces and delivers power is changing more quickly than ever before. It is important that utilities drive enhancements to energy innovation, Kim Greene points out on page 5.

Lorraine Bolsinger says on page 6 that GE has a country-by-country approach for distributed power defined as power generated at or near the point of use on or off the grid.

William Buffa of Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems America explains on page 8 that the energy and environment division tries to understand what a power producer client wants to achieve and provides solutions.

Eileen Kauffman shares on page 9 that Travelers created Travelers Renewable Energy Practice to improve the way six of its businesses support the rapidly changing and special needs of renewables.

Tom Alcide highlights the building block process of Saft’s new Jacksonville, FL battery factory on page 10. 4,340 solar panels generate a third of the plant’s power requirements.

Lou Lambruschi asserts on page 11 that Parker Hannifin’s Energy Grid Tie Division focuses on power conversion for renewable energy and micro-grid energy storage.

Dan Girard announced on page 13 that energy storage is the only one capable of balancing power supply and demand instantaneously in milliseconds rather than tens of minutes.

Scott Henneberry tells us on page 14 that Schneider Electric has been involved in the development, and operation of micro-grids which could be called virtual power plants.

Bill Arvan hosted World-Gen to a tour of the nation’s first new waste to energy power plant to be built in twenty years. The 95 megawatt Palm Beach, FL facility has a 20 year PPA from Florida Power and Light. See page 15.

Stephane Dufrenne explains on page 16 that the Energy Freedom Loan is a unique turnkey financing solution for homeowners, designed to remove common financial barriers to solar adoption.

Stephen Wierzbicki looks at the future of geothermal heating and cooling on page 17 in the new construction and retrofit markets.

Brett Galura sees energy storage as a cost competitive provider to manage and balance supply and demand since it is a source of both generation and load, outlined on page 18.

Jim Greenwood says on page 19 the industrial biotechnology sector works toward a vision of integrated biorefineries that make multiple products from biomass.

Stewart Prager projects on page 20 the next step in developing magnetic fusion as a clean, abundant and safe energy source is the international fusion experiment ITER.

Dr. H.R. Huiniak relates on page 21 that the aim of the Darcy Lab is to realize a stable and affordable compact thermal battery for loss-free heat storage. The concept of most TCM is based on (de)hydration or oxidation/reduction reaction of inorganic crystals.

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