class of 2016

Class of 2016

It’s a pleasure and privilege to introduce World-Gen’s Class of 2016, the 17th class of the millenium.

Climate change is bringing on corporate change. These changes are transforming the fabric and future of the Americas and beyond.

Please read on for the interviews in the Class of 2016 where it’s all happening.

Jim Brannen shares on page 4 Siemens Vision 2020 with an expanded portfolio.

Scott Osborne says on page 6 where Bechtel best adds value.

Paul McElhinney tells us on page 8 that GE is integrating Alstom with Predix.

Bill Newsom asserts on page 10 that the M501J is the gold standard.

Veronica May explains on page 12 how Honeywell UOP’s address climate change.

Elias Gedeon sees a growth market for B&W in renewables on page 14.

Bruce Douglas highlights ITRON’s strategy for growth on page 16.

Nigel Cockroft addresses Jinko’s solar growth on page 17.

Jay Olearain introduces Verizon’s IoT platform on page 18.

Sue Kelly raises awareness of APPA’s public power on page 19.

Tristan Grimbert gives EDF’s perspective on the renewable market on page 20.

Jeff Grybowski is pioneering offshore wind at Deepwater on page 21.

Dave Huckeba surveys the employment market at SCR on page 22.

John Hopkins projects NuScale’s SMR future on page 23.

Andrew de Pass comments on Conergy’s challenges in the renewable market on page 24.

Francis Cann describes a surge in T&D demand at WSP on page 25.

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