Our 20th Anniversary Issue

20th anniversary issue of world-generation magazine

The cover mosaic depicts 20 years of global coverage of the electric utilities under deregulation. World-Cogen was launched by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich in 1988 in Dallas and acquired by the Flanagan Group in a leveraged buyout from GE Capital in 1991. We changed the name during our teen years to World-Gen after adding another issue. We are pleased and proud to present our 20th Anniversary Issue written by the Classes of 2000 alums and other industry executives who share their insights and forecast the next twenty.

Randy Zwirn, Class of 2000, explains the restructuring at Siemens (p.6).
David Sokol, Class of 2001, calls for an Apollo-like investment (p.7).
Frank Donnelly, Class of 2007, responds to load-shaping generation (p. 8).
Sharon Allan, Class of 2007, dials in connectivity to the smart grid (p.9).
Ralph Genesi, Class of 2003, tells us how SWANwind monitors 24/7 (p.10).
Jim Flandreau, Class of 2000, enters wind with Evolution Energy (p.12).
Wind will be installed in 46 states, AWEA’s Swisher predicts (p. 13).
Dan Potash, Class of 2001, plugs hybrids into the power grid (p.15).
Elliot Roseman, Class of 2001, essays UK’s CRC and its US applicability (p.16).
Dr. Colette Lewiner, Class of 2006, reveals what’s keeping us up at night (p.18).
Del Williamson, Class of 2003, says the next 20 will shape two generations (p.19).
Skip Bowman, Class of 2007, envisions the next generation of nuclear plants (p.20).
Ted Feigenbaum, Class of 2006, filed an 8,600-page license application for Yucca (p.21).
Len Rodman, Class of 2000, is building a “World of Difference” at B&V (p.22).
Lyn Corum, Class of 2003, walks us through deregulation in California (p.23).
Joanne Howard of UKTI showcases the new renewable market (p. 24).
Jerry Lambert, Class of 2000, looks in the rearview mirror (p.25).
Bob Yeager, Class of 2007, sees the next technological revolution (p. 26).
Fred Lyon, Class of 2003, studies the H.R. impact on utilities (p.27).
Jean-Louis Poirier, Class of 2000, faces up to 20 years of predictions (p.28).
Energy Policy is not keeping pace, USEA’s Worthington laments (p.29).

Our global coverage took us to dozens of countries to report exclusively on deregulation, privatizations and new technologies. The three-day state visit to Brazil was hosted by the USEA where exclusive interviews were conducted with then Energy Secretary David Zylbersztajn. The State of Sao Paulo imported over 40% of its electricity and the secretary told World-Gen his plans for privatization.

World-Gen reported from Almaty, Kazakhstan on President Nazarbayiv’s platform of privatization and foreign investment. Tractebel, now part of Suez, won the competitive bid and invited World-Gen.

Patton Boggs arranged a trade mission to Ankara and Ataturk in Turkey and World-Gen was the representative publication. In Ankara, the Blue Stream project was announced as the first Caspian pipeline importing Russian gas to Turkey under the Black Sea. In Ataturk, the $32 billion G.A.P. project was visited.

Siemens Energy Group hosted World-Gen to visit China and the U.A.E. to report on IPP projects. In Shanghai, World-Gen visited Waigaoqiao Phase II financed by the World Bank. Siemens has 45 operating companies in 28 regions in China.

In Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., Siemens is developing the IWPP model capable of producing 710 mws of power and 50 million imperial gallons of potable water.

World-Gen was introduced to offshore wind power as a guest of GE at the Arklow Wind Farm in Ireland.

U.K. Trade and Investment invited World-Gen to report on the Carbon Trust’s funding of wave and tidal energy. Tours of Imperial College and NaREC showcased marine testing and development.

Areva invited World-Gen to tour the La Hague plant and the Valognes terminal in France.

These are but a few examples of the unique coverage World-Gen has provided over the years. We would like to thank the industry for its support and look forward to the future. Please visit www.world-gen.com where many of these articles are featured.

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