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U.S. Welcomes ISEF in San Francisco
by Dick Flanagan, Publisher

Speakers from the host countries of Canada, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom underscored their commitments to climate change initiatives at the International Sustainable Energy Forum (ISEF) '06 held in San Francisco on October 11, 2006. Companies from their respective countries showcased their products and profiled their findings to the US audience.


The Hon. James Ballem, Minister of Energy for Prince Edward Island, announced that Canada has $3 billion for clean energy and over 600 energy technology firms. He added that, "Canada plans on 5% from biofuels by 2010." The merchant trade between the U.S. and Canada accounts for $411 billion and supports over 5 million jobs, making Canada the largest trading partner with the U.S. The E.U. receives 52% of U.S. investment; the U.K. leads with 27.7%, followed by the Netherlands with 18.4%, other EU countries are in single digits.

The Netherlands

The Dutch government has a "goal of transition" towards a sustainable energy future based on a Transition Action Plan promulgated May 8, 2006, Rene van Hell, Minister of Economic Affairs based in Washington, D.C. announced. The plan calls for a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 based on 1990 levels of 160 Mtons; increased energy savings by 2% each year; constructing offshore wind farms by 2015 and nuclear energy. The de Lier gas field near Rotterdam can store 600 kilotons of CO2 a year. The storage capacity could be increased to 60 mtons with an investment of $20 million euros, and the Netherlands could use this in the emissions trading scheme.

United Kingdom

Maryanne Tidwell, head of International Energy for U.K. Trade and Investment, headquartered in Houston, said "the U.K. will reduce ghg by 60% based on 1990 levels by 2050". U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the U.S. and committed to, "an exchange of delegations to address climate change and promote energy diversity--this will also include China, India, and other rapidly growing economies," he said during his July 31, 2006 stopover in California.

Tidwell elaborated saying SUPERGEN (Sustainable Power Generation and Supply) was launched to facilitate research and industry collaboration with $50 million over five years. SUPERGEN has looked at hydrogen storage, biofuels and marine energy. The U.K. is self-sufficient, producing more energy than it consumes.

World-Gen reported on the Third Wave and Tidal Conference in Vol. 18, #2. The Marine Energy Challenge showed the U.K. as the world leader in marine energy.

The U.K. Department of Trade and Investment (DTI) and the New Opportunities Fund will underwrite $110 million in grants to projects fueled by biomass feedstock and also plans on installing 200 megawatts of Solar by 2012 and is funding a $34 million PV Demonstration Program.


Contact Information for Host Countries

Netherlands Office
Cees van der Zon
901 Mariner's Island Blvd, Suite 595
San Mateo, CA 94404
Phone: P: +1 650 403 0222
F: +1 650 349 8201
E-mail: cees@nost.org

UK Trade & Investment
Maryanne Tidwell
Head of International Energy Team
1000 Louisiana, Suite 1900
Houston, TX 77002
Phone: P: 713 659 6270 F: 713 659 7094 www.uktradeinvestusa.com
E-mail: maryanne.tidwell@fco.gov.uk

Consulate General of Canada
Lisa Stockley
580 California Street, 14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: P: +1 415 834 3180
F: + 415 834 3189


23 Dos Posos
Orinda, CA 94563
Anders Jepsen, Ph.D.
+ 1 925 254 3079
Fax: 1 925 254 5740
HelioDynamics' mission is to develop and sell its Harmony Concentrating Solar Power systems world wide. The business model is to market the product line through licensed independent distributors and installers. Company HelioDynamics Ltd. & Inc.

Rayvin Energysystems BV
Edwin Aronds
+ 31(0) 650682189
Selling and manufacturing the Rayvin Solar Collector system.

Shell International/ B-Basic
Alfred Mutsaars
+ 11 31 206302691
Bio-based industrial production of chemicals, often referred to as Industrial Biotechnology is the controlled use of microbial cell factories such as yeast for the efficient production of desired products, using cheap, renewable feedstocks and advanced biotechnology.

Waste and Energy Company
Willem Elsinga
+ 31 (0) 20 587 6299
Generating the maximum benefit and the highest possible environmental efficiency from waste, at the lowest possible cost, creating added value for our stakeholders.

Wind Energy Solutions
Frank Hoogers
+ 31 226 425150
We manufacture and sell the following types of wind turbines: The WES5 a 2.5kWatt wind turbine for private use, the WES18, a 80kWatt turbine for farmers and small companies and the WES30, a 250 kWatt wind turbine for small electricity grids and small wind farms. The WES18 and WES30 are also available in a hybrid configuration (stand alone, together with a diesel genset).

B9 Energy USA Inc.
Northern Ireland Technology & Development Center
545 Boylston Street Boston, MA 0211
Chanda Kapande, MEng Business Development, Manager
+ 1 617 896 9780 + 44 (0) 28 2826 3900
B9 Energy USA Inc is the North American arm of B9 Energy O&M Ltd. a UK specialist in the operation and maintenance of utility scale wind farms provides scheduled maintenance and emergency services using the latest remote technology.

The PURE Energy Centre (PEC)
Business Unit 3 Hagdale Industrial Estate
Baltasound Unst, Shetland, ZE 2 9DS
Sandy Macauleay, Project Director
+44 (0)1957 711838
The PURE Energy Centre (PEC) was established on the back of the PURE Project which in 2005 delivered a zero emissions, off-grid renewable hydrogen hybrid power supply to an industrial estate on the most northerly island in the UK.

Lunar Energy
Parkgate House
Hesslewood Country Office Park
Ferriby Road Hessle East Yorkshire HU13 0QF
Simon Charles Meade, OBE
+44 (0) 1482 648964
Lunar Energy is a single purpose commercial company that is creating a business based on the exploitation of Ocean Tidal Streams.

Wavebob Ltd.
Innovation Centre
Northern Ireland Science Park
Queen's Island Belfast BT3 9DT
Dr. Paul Brewster Research and Development Leader
+44 (0) 28 9073 7886 Fax: +44 (0) 28 9073 7801
Wavebob Ltd is a renewable energy technology company developing the 'Wavebob', an off-shore wave energy converter targeting the commercial exploitation of the huge renewable energy resource available in the world's oceans.

Hydrogenics Corporation
27201 Tourney Rd., Suite 201J
Valencia, CA 91355
Headquarters: 5985 McLaughlin Road
Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5R 1B8
+ 1 905 361 3660; + 1 661 253 2593
Fax: + 1 905 361 3626
Kevin Harris
Hydrogenics Corporation is a leading global developer of clean energy solutions, advancing the Hydrogen Economy by commercializing hydrogen and fuel cell products. Address:

Sea Breeze Power Corp.
Lobby Mailbox 91 Suite 1400,
333 Seymour St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 5A6
Paul B. Mason
+1 604 689-2991
Sea Breeze Power Corp. is in the business of developing utility-scale renewable energy, and, through a 50% owned subsidiary, developing independent transmission systems.

Katabatic Power
216A Frederick Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Jonathan S. Raymond
+1 415 931 6269
Katabatic Power is a privately held wind energy developer with offices in Richmond, British Columbia and San Francisco, California. Currently, the Company is in development of the Mount Hays (50MW) and Banks Island Wind Farms (2500MW). Both of these sites are located on the North Coast of British Columbia, a region recognized as among the best wind energy resources on the planet.

Sustainable Energy Technologies
Suite 500, Campana Place 609 14th Street., NW
Calgary, AB T2N 2A1
Brent Harris, P.Eng., Co-founder & Director of Technology
+1 403 508 7177
Sustainable Energy Technologies develops, manufactures and markets advanced power electronics products for emerging alternative and renewable energy markets.

Suncor Energy, Inc.
PO Box 38, 112-4 Avenue S.W.
Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 2V5
Gordon Lambert
+1 403 269 8720
Suncor Energy, Inc is a growing, integrated energy company. In 1967, Suncor made history by tapping the oil sands to produce the first commercial barrel of synthetic crude oil. Address:

Xantrex Technology, Inc.
8999 Nelson Way
Burnaby, BC Canada V5A 4B5
Xantrex Technology is a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of advanced power electronic products and systems solutions for the renewable, portable, mobile, and programmable power markets.